Wider Community

Partnership with Parents

In ALIS, we believe that good liaison between home and school is an essential ingredient of a successful learning. Since we value our relationship with parents, and knowing they are essential stakeholders in their development, they are free to discuss the academic progress and performance of their children. Parents are therefore encouraged to support every school activities and events. The school also provide for parents regular reports about their children’s work.

Parents are the first educators that children come in contact with. We solicit their co-operation as we strive to bring out the best in our students.

We also need the help of parents in the following areas:

  1. To join hands with the school to enforce discipline when required.
  2. To give necessary assistance with their children’s homework and projects.
  3. To give adequate prayer support.
  4. To feel free to visit the school at least once in an academic session in order to acquaint themselves with the progress of their children.
  5. To participate in the activities of the Parents/Teachers’ Association.
  6. To comply with all the requirements of the school.

Parents / Teachers Association

The school has a very active Parents/Teachers Association (PTA) who contributes to improve the school standards and keep it competitive with other world-class Schools. The Aims and Objectives of the PTA are, to assist the school authorities in achieving their objectives and mission, and to promote harmonious working relations and mutual understanding among parents and teachers. The PTA also serves to promote development of the School as well as the general welfare of the students, as a collective responsibility.


ALIS encourages individuals and corporate bodies who would like to invest in the future of the school and the pupils in the areas scholarships, infrastructural development and support for programmes and activities in the school.

Linkage Programmes / Affiliations

ALIS is working on a formal collaborative agreement with other institutions and examination bodies as a means of enhancing our academic policies, standards or programs. We aim to be a world-class school and will do all we can to maintain that focus.