Pastoral Care

As a Christian school, we understand the personal meanings, beliefs and values, and qualities of character required of every one of our students to excel in life.

Embedded within the ethos of the school is our mission statement to promote learning and Christian character in our pupils, thereby guaranteeing a greater future for them and our nation.

The school draws its inspiration from the values and beliefs of Rev. Amaechi Nwachukwu, the founder of Amazing Love Assembly, and the ministry the Lord has committed into his feeble hands.

Apart from the day-to-day support provided by our tutors, emotional needs are attended to by the school spiritual support counselor and the school medical team. Day-to-day interactions by students also provide a means to cultivate a sense of personal responsibility and respect for each other.

The school teaches moral instructions for all students. We believe in the need to teach these children basic issues of life that give them value and worth, even as they relate to society. Some topics in our moral instruction programme are kindness, respect, pleasant voices, sincerity, self-control, sex education, good neighbourliness and several others. The special Moral Instructions classes are usually taken by the Proprietor, Bishop Dr. Amaechi Nwachukwu.