Ethos and Aims


To promote learning and Christian character in our young ones and thereby guaranteeing a greater future for our children and our nation;


To communicate through teaching and godly examples the basic rudiments of Sciences, Mathematics and Languages, and through a philosophy rooted in God, to show that with God our learning can be thorough and wholesome;


To ensure the existence and promotion of an ethos which delivers social justice, through mutual respect, tolerance of, and for each other leading to self-enrichment gained from understanding the diversity embraced within our community;


To promote and sustain an environment that empowers every member of the school – staff and students, to operate as effectively as possible, thereby reaching their desired potentials in harmony with the collective goal of the school;


To work in partnership with our parents through effective communication and transfer of information in such a way that facilitates mutual support and development of every individual’s full potential;


To promote high quality secular/Christian education, which is broad, balanced and applicable with the requirements of the national interest;


To develop the whole personality and cater for the whole man with Christianity as the main focus of their lives;


To acquire a moral attitude to life through conscientious awareness and practice of divine guidance in all their affairs and transactions;


Overall, our broad objective is to provide educational environment that all pupils in the school achieve their potentials to become active and responsible members of society, willing and able to use their abilities and faculties to the fullest extent.